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I'm in the mood:   Girl Power                
Titel / Uitvoerende                                   Maandag;  04-12-2023

Alles Heeft Een Ritme Frizzle Sizzle

History Mai Tai

Lights And Shadow O3gne

Amambanda Tremble

You're The Greatest Lover Luv

Talk It Over Frizzle Sizzle

Casanova Luv

Bad Boy Centerfold

Magic Music Treble

Turn Your Love Around Mai Tai

Never Listen To A Bouzouki Player Babe

Don't Give Up Dolly Dots

Ooh Yes I Do Luv

Am I Losing You Forever Mai Tai

Clown O3gene

Dictator Centrefold

Do Wa Diddy Dolly Dots

We Believe In Love Dolly Dots

Please Me Please Do Babe

Welcome To Waldolala Luv

Body And Soul Mai Tai

Ramaganana Treble

She's A Liar Dolly Dots

Ooh La La I'm Falling Babe

My Number One Luv

Love Me Just A Little Bit More Dolly Dots

Magic O3gene

Radar Love Centerfold

Never Give Up Frizzle Sizzle

Tell It Al About The Boys Dolly Dots

Tell Him Babe

Hela Di La Di Lo Dolly Dots

Het Is Over O3gene